Konjac Sponge: A No-No for me!

After stumbling upon the hypKonjac Sponge A No-No for me! ¦ up ‘Konjac Sponge’, I tried to lay my hands on one too. Shortly after I found one in a beauty store in Switzerland called ‘Manor’.

As far as I can remember there was a green one, a black one and purple or pink one. I grabbed the green one because it claimed to be infused with green tea and specialized for dry skin, which I have. So I bought the green one for 12 francs, which would be 12 to 13 dollar, and went home excited to try this supposedly miracle exfoliater.

Here are some claims of the’Konjac Sponge’:

  1. Improves the look and feel of your skin
  2. 100% natural and vegan (another factor that lead me to buy it)
  3. PH balancing (naturally alkaline)
  4. Assist in removing toxins and impurities
  5. Deep cleansing

The first time I tried it, I used it with my daily face wash, I didn’t see any noticeable change. I tried the sponge for a whole week before I decided to give up.

I don’t have problem skin. My skin is rather dry and gets too oily if I put a heavy moisturizer on. The ‘Konjac Sponge’ however didn’t do anything for my skin. As a matter of fact it my skin worse and it started to get impure. What I think happened was that even though advertised for dry skin, it was to harsh to my face. I hoped it would help me with my whiteheads but it didn’t. Not only was my skin irritated but I lost 12 francs for a little sponge.

I wouldn’t recommend this product but don’t take my word for it. Every skin is different and what didn’t work for me might work for you.

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See you in my next one. – xoxo JVCK


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