Your Skin Will Love This Oil!

My absolute favorite oil for my skin is BAOBAB OIL. I use it every day as a moisturizer after my shower. It smooths, soothes and evens out my skin tone. I noticed that using it at night before bed gives me the best results in the morning.

Here some specs:

  • Baobab Oil comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Adansonia tree
  • It has a deep yellow color
  • It tastes very nutty and earthy
  • It contains many antioxidants
  • It contains many cicatrizant (which promote wound healing)
  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • It rejuvenates the skin
  • It contains 3 exotic fatty acids: malvalic acid, sterculic acid and dihydrosterculic acid

The mentioned properties and many more make it my number one skin care oil. Using Baobab Oil internally has some great health benefits too like lowering cholesterol levels and it is traditionally used to heal gum wounds. I haven’t tried it internally yet so do your own research before consuming.

It is also very suitable for people with acne or acne prone skin because its comedogenic rating is 2. I would totally recommend it.

Make sure you buy the cold pressed, unfiltered form of the oil , anything other than that may not perform as well, and keep it away from direct sunlight.

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